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Nos dimos cuenta de que la industria de las mudanzas necesitaba un nuevo aliento de vida, por lo que decidimos romper con el estigma. Las personas trabajadoras merecen relajarse durante sus mudanzas, esto incluye sus bolsillos. Brindamos un servicio asequible que se preocupa por su tranquilidad durante uno de los momentos más estresantes de su vida. Capacitamos a nuestros equipos para que se preocupen por sus cosas más que usted.


Starside comparó los servicios de mudanzas con servicio completo



¿Aún tienes dudas? ¡Entonces deje que nuestros clientes hablen en las reseñas a continuación!

Preguntas frecuentes

  • Does Starside Provide Moving Trucks?
    We are Labor Service Providers, All of our customers will rent trucks or containers and hire us to do the heavy lifting. This is not only more affordable for the customer, but it provides them with more professional movers solely trained on moving and customer service. We also help any customer in need to find the right vehicle/container to rent for their move so you're not alone!
  • What is the minimum hourly required to hire Starside?
    We have a 2 hour minimum, any time over that will be an additional hour. We do provide time buffers, if the job goes over by 15 minutes then we give you that extra time at no cost!
  • What Does Starside Provide me in Return?
    Since our company doesn't focus on trucks and logistics, it gives us more room and time to focus training our crew on what really matters, your peace of mind. Our personable crews come highly trained to handle any moving situation while maintaining the most upbeat attitude. We come equipped to every job with Dollies ,tools, and personality. This way you can save on renting equipment and you don't have to deal with any pesky disassembling!
  • How do I Pay and What Forms of Payment are accepted?
    Payment is due at the end of the job either in Cash, Cash app, Venmo, or Zelle.
  • I've never driven a big truck before, how can Starside help?
    Starside's Crews are trained in helping you park the truck in a safely manner, even if you cannot park close and the parking seems troublesome then wherever you are comfortable with leaving it will be suitable for the crews to handle.
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